Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Long sleeve unisex t shirts, for men, women, boys and girls. Cool design in multiple colors white and black. Print colours in neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, signal red, white, gold, black and even glitter or mirror.

Currently we have a number of long sleeves avaible from the  Manic Youth series – the official apparel and merchandising from DJ Manic Youth. Choose your favorite hoodie with logo, name, song title or the eXperiment symbol. Soon we will add items from the FokDieSkool, FaceLook and Motivational series.

Fok Die Skool means “fuck the school” in African Dutch. Curious how your teacher, colleagues, fellow students, friends, parents or family react to your t shirt or sweatshirt? FaceLook series by Manic Collection – a collections of smiley face expressions and words or short quotes with double meanings. Omitting one or more characters in a word, something can get a positive and negative, or simply a different meaning. Motivational series by Manic Collection – apparel with positivity and motivational quotes about life. With these products, we’d like to send positive vibes into the world. Positive messages, a positive mindset, a positive attitude – that’s what we all need in life as human beings.

Questions or feedback about our apparel series? We love to hear from you. Send us your feedback using the contact form. We are also very happy and proud if you share your photos wearing your Manic Collection purchase on social media. Don’t forget linking Manic Collection  … dankuwel 😀 !

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Showing all 7 results